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A relaxation massage causes physiological responses to occur through your whole body, it’s an involuntary but predictable response of your nervous system to the massage technique. Your body responds by slowing you heart rate and breathing down and lowering blood pressure, reducing the production of stress hormones. Your muscles relax which can increase your level of serotonin giving you sense of pleasure and wellbeing. Soothing massage can provide relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. When used energetically to stimulate, massage may relieve lethargy and fatigue. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.
Had a wonderful 1 hour relaxation massage last week, which has really helped with the tension in my neck, shoulders and back I would definitely recommend and the therapist made me feel comfortable, relaxed and was clearly knowledgeable and experienced in getting the best results from massage.
Amanda Lamb reviewed Sonar Body Therapy5 star
Amanda Lamb

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